Saturday, March 28, 2009

The last couple of days have been nice – hot and sunny with just the normal amount of wind.

Yesterday we went to Brownie’s Café for breakfast then to Time Warner to return the internet modem, there were quite a few people waiting at Time Warner so I got a number and a spot in the waiting room and John went and got diesel. I probably had to wait about half an hour and John was back before I got waited on but fortunately it wasn’t too long after he got there that we got looked after. From there it was to Fry’s and Wal Mart for groceries, then bring them home and put them away, then back out for haircuts and another trip to the RV store as there was a squeegie that John wanted to get. After all that I sat out and read for the rest of the afternoon.

Today was getting ready to roll day, after sitting for four months there are lots of things to put away and John was worried about fitting everything into the back of the truck but couldn’t really start until he could get the barbecue put away and the satellite dish. It took him all day to get the truck loaded, check all the tires etc. but he did get it done.

Meanwhile, I got everything inside organized and stowed and cleaned out the fridge and got everything on the shelves into baskets so it doesn’t move around when traveling. I also vacuumed, dusted etc. so it is clean again. I think we are now ready to hook up and head out in the morning.

Tonight we went to Da Boyz for pizza with Steve & Brenda, they were supposed to pick us up at 6 and John finished up and headed into the shower at 5:50, talk about a rush. I had called and left a message asking them to wait until about 6:15 so when they pulled up at 6:10 I thought they had got my message but that wasn’t the case, fortunately they were just running late also. At least John was ready when they got here, sure wish I could shower, dress etc that fast!!! We had a good dinner and visit, now it is a little bit of TV and then off to bed.

I don’t know when we will have internet again but will post when I can. The plan is for tomorrow night in Benson and Monday night in Alamogordo, then across Texas to Louisiana, sure hope we don’t run into any bad storms on the way!

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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