Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday was another hot, sunny day. I did some cleaning in the morning then in the afternoon we went to the market, Fry’s and Wal Mart and by the time we got back it was too late for the pool. The gnats were most annoying to try to sit outside late in the afternoon so we resorted to coming and turning on the a/c, not what we really like to do but at least we were cool and bug free. Fortunately it cools off enough in the evening and gets quite pleasant so we didn’t have to run the a/c for too long. We didn’t get home in time for me to go for my swim, kind of missed that.

Last night on the weather they forecast strong winds for today so John put up the awning last night so if the wind did come up during the night he wouldn’t have to worry about it. Turns out it didn’t come up till this morning, but boy has it blown all day, I can’t remember it being this bad here before.

Brenda stopped by about 11 to see if we wanted to go to Burgers & Beer for dinner tonight – sounded good to us. She was heading to Wal Mart when she stopped so asked if I wanted to go so I ended up going with her. When I got back I couldn’t believe the dirt in the trailer, I had left the roadside windows open on the first notch and everything was covered in dirt and dust so first on the agenda was to clean that up. When we left the park it was like driving in a snow storm but instead of snow it was dust – not nice, I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the highway today.

Around 2 we headed over to the market as John had bought light bulbs yesterday and they were the wrong size and I had bought a couple of tops and they were too big so we wanted to go back and do some exchanges. Just walking from the truck to the market I was eating dirt, not pretty. When we got home we both read until it was time to go out for dinner.

Burgers & Beer was good but pricey, however, it was a nice time with good company. Tonight will be a quiet evening of reading or watching TV, right now John is watching the second part of The Godfather so I know I will be reading for a while at least.

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny, but windy, south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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