Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wow, almost the end of March, just over a month and we will be back in Ontario so we sure hope the weather is nice and warm when we get back – hah, hah.

Yesterday was a very uneventful day, it was hot and sunny and for some reason both John and I were absolutely listless all day. John did wash most of the trailer in the morning then we spent the afternoon reading and napping and most of the evening was the same, don’t know what was wrong with us but we sure didn’t have any get up and go.

John and Irma left yesterday morning then in the afternoon we got a honking big motor home come in on our curbside so our feeling of openess didn’t last long! Thankfully the spots here are large so we don’t feel cramped, just can’t see down the road! Of course with this whole large park and so many empty spots they have to pick the one beside us to put someone!

Today was another nice day and we both felt much more energetic, thank goodness. We did one last run to the market as there were a couple of things John wanted and I picked up a few books to read on the way home and we went to RV Connection to get some spare filters for our R O water system.

When we got back we checked out the laundromat but it was quite busy so I decided to wait until about 3:30 and try it then and thankfully it was quiet by then – by the time my clothes had washed I had the place to myself. I sat outside and read while it was doing so it was quite pleasant. When I was leaving I noticed something at the pool and realized it was a cat hanging over the edge drinking the water, I didn’t think the chlorine would be all that healthy for it so shooed it away.
For most of this week there have been hundreds of monarch butterflies flying around, apparently this is a regular occurrence here every year but it is the first time we have seen it. There are hundreds of them in the mornings then only a few in the afternoon, quite strange but pretty. The trees here, I think they are fiscus, are just starting to come out in bloom and the butterflies seem to like them as they keep landing in the trees then taking off. It is impossible to take a picture of them as they move so fast and when they are in the trees they don’t show up well enough for a picture.

Tomorrow we are taking back our internet modem so will be back on the park system until we leave, hopefully now that the park isn’t so full it won’t be too bad but we will miss the roadrunner.

As always, the last two days have been great gifts here in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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