Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today was a partly overcast day, in fact it was probably more overcast than sunny but the temperature hit the low 70’s so it was quite pleasant.

This morning we got bumped for next year, we had been confirmed for a 3 month stay but apparently someone wants our spot for a seasonal site so we get bumped unless we want to take it as seasonal – no thanks. They have offered us two other sites but neither of them are in the area we want so we will just request our deposit back. We have really been struggling with coming back here next year or doing something different so this has just helped us make up our minds. After 4 years here we have seen and done everything there is to do in Yuma so it is time to move on and explore other places.

This morning was pretty quiet then this afternoon we went to Hastings Books, Fry’s & Wal Mart. John didn’t get the book he was looking for but at Wal Mart he did find his shorts on sale so he is now all set for summer. We stopped for a little visit with Brenda & Steve when we got back as John wanted to thank Steve for some information he had e-mailed to John.

When we got home John & Irma, our neighbours, were just heading out for a bike ride so we told them we had got bumped, everyone seems to be worried about this happening if they haven’t signed up for at least 5 months. We ended chatting for a while and they gave us a brochure for a park near San Diego that they had checked out last week and thought it was quite nice – something to think about for a month next winter.

Steve C. left a comment on our blog asking if they had a solar water heating system on their roof. The picture is of the house below Ron & Nancy’s but yes, it is a solar water heating system and we’re not positive but it could be for heating their pool.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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