Tuesday/Wednesday, March 10/11, 2009

The weather has been nice – sunny & warm. Tuesday was a pretty quiet day, we really didn’t do anything. We had a visit with a couple down the road who are from Leamington,, ON but basically it was a day of reading and spending time on the computer.

Tuesday night our catalytic heater quit, not good, so we will have to get it checked out.

Today we went out for lunch to the Olive Garden with John and Irma, we all had the soup and salad and it was very good, sure didn’t want a lot for dinner tonight.

When we got back from lunch we sat out and read for a while, then I felt the need for a little nap so came in and had a nap then headed down about 4 to do laundry, I picked a good time as it wasn’t real busy, gotta like that. Certainly there is not a lot happening in our lives, we are just enjoying the nice weather.

As always, the last two days were great gifts of days in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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