Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today was a nice day and Nancy made us a yummy breakfast of bacon and eggs. We chatted until about noon when we went out so they could show us around Escondido.

View from their backyard

Ron & John in Ron's den

We toured around there, a pretty place down in the valley, then drove through the countryside and ended up at the casino. John and I signed up at the casino and with signing up we got a coupon for a free buffet dinner – a $27 meal. Nancy had a coupon for herself and she managed to get one for Ron (Nancy goes to the casino about once a week with her girlfriends and then gets the coupon in the mail). We all played the machines for a bit but nobody had much luck and Ron got in line about 2:30 for the buffet (which started at 4). I went to spell him off and we talked for a bit then John came to spell me off so Ron went to sit down and John & I stood in line, then Nancy came to spell us off. For about the last half hour John & Nancy stood in line while Ron & I sat at a table near the line and talked.

The buffet was really good – had lobster and crab claws as well as lots of other seafood and then the usual buffet goodies – none of us came away hungry!

We went back to their place and spent the rest of the evening doing what – talking. We also had a little slide show on John’s computer of our kids, grandchildren, and my brothers & sister etc. and they showed us pictures of their trip to Banff last September for Ron’s niece’s wedding.

As always, today was another great gift of a day, and a very special day with Ron & Nancy and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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Steve C said...

What do they have on their roof? Is it a solar water heating system?