Friday, September 18, 2009

Today was another gorgeous day with a high temperature on the truck of 83F (28C), gotta love that!! After dinner we sat out until well after dark in just our shorts and t-shirts so that will tell you how nice it is.

We had another good day of driving, we left Coloma WI and drove to Sious Falls, SD for a total of 632 KM (392 miles). The highways, so far, are really good, there was some construction but nothing that held us up and the traffic was very light.

The Mississippi

We crossed the mighty Mississippi when crossing the border between Wisconsin & Minnesota and we are now just barely into South Dakota, we will cross the Missouri Rivier tomorrow. Currently we are pretty well directly south of Winnipeg.

Today we felt like we could be driving through Southern Ontario as it was almost all corn fields with lots of grain elevators and some wind farms. Interestingly, of all the wind farms we passed we only saw 3 windmills turning – strange.

Typical of Today's Drive

This is the Cochrane family camping at Presquile so we hope their weather is as nice there as it is here.

Tonight's Home

Well, I have a couple days worth of blogs to post so will close out and get it done.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow’s adventures.

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