Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, we are “On the Road Again” and glad of it. Yesterday we didn’t get away from Can-Am until about 2:30 so went as far as Country View Motel & RV at Reese’s Corners. The park isn’t anything great but is okay and made for a good jumping off point this morning,

Today was nice and sunny first thing this morning although a lot cooler than it has been, but by about 10 though it was pretty overcast and stayed that way most of the day – it didn’t rain though so we aren’t complaining! Actually the sun came out just before we crossed the Mackinac Bridge.

Our crossing at Sarnia was good, not a lot of questions so we were through quite quickly. We stopped at a Wal Mart just outside Flint to get some groceries so hopefully that will do us for a while.

Tonight we are at Lakeshore RV Park at St. Ignace, MI. It is an okay park with a great view of Lake Michigan right out our front window. The wi-fi works really good so we are pleased with that.

Mackinaw Bridge

View From Our Front Yard

Home for Tonight

I had originally plotted a route through Northern Michigan then John had suggested going through Chicago so I changed the route, then this morning he decided northern Michigan might be nice – MEN!!!! Of course I had deleted the RV Parks coming this way so had to work from memory today – now that is definitely scary!!! However, I did remember and all turned out well with a good day driving.

When I downloaded my e-mail tonight there were lots of birthday wishes, thanks everyone and yes, it was a great day. Also many thanks to those who called me yesterday,

And so ends another great gift of a day – stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures.

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Sandra said...

Happy Birthday! Didn't know you were a fellow Virgo! Glad to see you on the road again. Have a wonderful, safe trip to the west coast!