Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today was a gorgeous day with a clear blue sky and a high of 22C (73F), how perfect can it get!

Our drive today was across the top of Lake Michigan then south down the west side of the lake, what pretty scenery, we think it is a definite place to come back to some time and spend time exploring the area as it was all new territory for us.

On the whole the roads were good but there was a fair bit of construction, fortunately though, we didn’t get held up a lot so no problem. We sure notice a difference in the truck on rough roads and the inside of the trailer isn’t getting as bounced around as it used to – guess the new shocks were worth the money!

Lake Michigan

We stopped for lunch at a pretty marina along the lake and were surprised that there were only a couple of boats there, guess fall comes early to this part of the world.

Tonight we are at Coloma Camperland in Coloma, WI. Sure isn’t anything great, and no wi-fi, but I found there weren’t a lot of parks in this part of the country so you take what you can get. In fact this park had a new first for us – the office was in the saloon. We had to go into the bar to check in and what a smokey place it was - there were quite a few people in there enjoying themselves so guess it is popular.

Today we gained an hour which was good as it was a long drive – 578 km with a lot of that on a 2 lane highway.

I am now ready to hit the sack so will sign off and hopefully I will be able to get this and a few pictures posted tomorrow.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow’s adventures.

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