Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today was a repeat of yesterday weather wise, sure hope it continues for a while.

We crossed the Missouri River today and there was an interesting Visitor’s Centre there with lots of information and artificats re the Lewis & Clark expedition exploring this area in the 1800’s.

The Missouri

Today was another day of miles & miles of farm land and we also drove through Dances With Wolves Country, overall a nice drive today of 622 km (386 miles). In checking the statistics we realized that South Dakota has roughly the same population as Hamilton/Wentworth – wow! The traffic was light and the roads were good – what more could we ask for.

Typical of Today's Scenery

We stopped at Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD – what a place!! The Wall Drug Store got its start during the Depression years by offering Free Ice Water to thirsty travelers and has expanded to a mega store today. (See I vaguely remember it from the time I was there as a kid but I’m sure it has changed a lot in the intervening years. I bought a pair of moccasins and John got a $0.05 coffee and I got an ice cream cone – last of the big time spenders! I had on my Utah Rocks shirt and two people stopped me and talked about Utah and how great the canyons etc. are.

We are now at Crooked Creek Resort, Hill City SD and will be here for at least 4 nights. We hadn’t made reservations as we didn’t think it would be really busy at this time of year – wrong!! We got the last spot, which is actually quite neat as it is the Work Camper site, (obviously their term is done) and it has a deck as well as being the largest site in the park. The downside of the site was that John had to back in about 100’ while avoiding old tractors, trees and the deck. He did a fine job and we are now all settled in. A fellow took a video of John backing in – hope he was impressed with John’s expertise!

John just said we have traveled 1600 miles (2575 km) since we left Kincardine on Monday morning – wow!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow’s adventures.

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