Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow, did it rain today – it literally poured buckets all day but fortunately we didn’t get the wind that was forecast. The other fortunate part was that the rain let up for a bit while John was hooking up this morning so he didn’t get soaked, just damp.

We were out of the park about 8:15 and the drive to the ferry dock was good, not as much traffic as we had thought there would be at that time of the morning. By the time we got there it was pouring and from then on for the rest of the day it never let up.

A Customs lady came to each vehicle waiting on the dock and took down the car and truck licence plate numbers, the number of passengers and looked at our passports, then John had to go to their office to have the passports scanned, and for the first time ever, they stamped our passports – neat.

The ferry trip to Port Angeles was fine, there was a good swell so we did a fair bit of rolling but it didn’t bother us. I didn’t even take my camera with me on the ferry as I figured with the rain I wouldn’t be able to get any good pictures and of course it was impossible to see the Washington coast, let alone Mt. Olympia. we On the way out of the harbour we went right past our park and our site was still vacant but I doubt that lasted for long.

We had to go through Customs when we got off the ferry, not a problem but when we said our destination was Arizona he wanted to know why we came this way and then asked if we had visited with friends – go figure.

We drove about 20 km to Sequim (pronounced S’Kwim) and are now at the GilGal Oasis RV Park, where we have booked in for two nights. It is a nice park with cement pads – really great in this weather. John did get soaked unhooking but at least it was only once today and not twice. The park is both Good Sam and Passport America so we got the PA rate for one night and the Good Sam for the 2nd night - the total was $41 for two nights.

They have WiFi but it is through the cable TV so John is trying to get the Airport Express working, otherwise I will have to take my computer into the bedroom where the cable comes in to get on the internet, so hopefully he will get the Airport working.

I have made a pasta casserole for dinner and will be heading for bed quite early tonight as I didn’t sleep well last night and am really tired.

Listening to the weather forecast I think we got off the island just in time, they have had torrential storms around Courtenay and Comox with roads flooded out and closed and houses flooded. There are hundreds of homes in Port Alberni without hydro and one of the RV parks in Parksville is flooded. Victoria has been lucky so far but they are forecasting high winds and heavy rain there for late today and tomorrow – just hope we don’t get it here!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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