Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amazingly, we woke up to sunshine this morning – what a surprise. It was beautiful all morning, clouded over and rained around noon, cleared off for the afternoon and then clouded over and rained again about 6 – quite the weather!! Oh well, we were happy to see the sun today so aren’t complaining.

This afternoon we went out and did a bit of shopping – a stop at Wal Mart, the grocery store and a RV parts store, real exciting. We also stopped at a pizza place and got a slice for lunch – yummy.

I went over late this afternoon and paid for another couple of days here. The weather forecast for the next number of days is rain and for a few days high winds, especially along the coast, so we thought we would just stay put for a few days. The two women in the office gave me some good tips and said even though they are from Washington not to waste our time along the Washington coast, the Oregon coast is the place to be for views etc. They also recommended a better route from here to Olympia than Hwy. 101 so I was glad I got the chance to talk to them.

John has talked to a couple of people in the park and they are here for the winter, it seems like Sequim is the “banana belt” of Washington and is a pretty moderate place to spend the winter. Certainly the prices here are much better than in B.C., I didn’t mind doing groceries here at all today!

It wasn’t a real exciting day but we enjoyed it. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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