Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, what can I say, today was a very wet, rainy day so we didn’t do much. I did some vacuuming and dusting and that was the extent of my household duties. On the weather last night the forecast for the next few days was RAIN and WINDY, the weather guy said he has never seen so many storms piled up ready to come into shore in his whole time broadcasting – boy, do we know how to pick the year to do the west coast!!! Looking at the weather networks on my iPod they are forecasting high winds, rain and flooding all along the coast where we want to go so I think we will stay put for at least a couple more days. Thankfully this is a nice park with good wi-fi – LOL!

Late this afternoon we went to Safeway and got a cooked chicken for dinner – it was very good and there is enough for another meal – all for $5.99. On the way out I stopped at the office to renew for a couple more days but the lady was just closing up early due to the wet weather and lack of business so asked if I could come back tomorrow and she would leave a note that we were renewing – no problem. I told her I was having a package delivered here tomorrow and there was no problem with that – I bought a new phone (free) as my 2 year contract was up with Verizon and it will be delivered tomorrow.

The rain has stopped and the temperature has risen – it is currently 11 C (52F), the warmest it has been pretty well all week. Hopefully this is a sign of better weather!!!

Not an exciting day but a pleasant one nonetheless. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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