Wednesday - December 26, 2007

Boxing Day – did everyone get out and take advantage of all the sales? In the states Boxing Day is just another day, it isn’t a holiday and it isn’t a big shopping day, here the day after Thanksgiving replaces our Boxing Day and boy do they have the deals on then.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Janet, Dave & Heather and hopefully everyone found the dinner delicious – we had the traditional turkey dinner with mincemeat pie for dessert – yummy!

Today was a quiet day and we didn’t do anything exciting. We woke up about 6:00 a.m. to hear the wind machines going so knew it was cold, as it turned out the low was 34F (1C) so it was cold! Needless to say I didn’t go to pool aerobics this morning, I talked to a woman this afternoon who said there were 5 in the pool this morning – brave souls!!

We were supposed to go to friends at Desert Paradise this afternoon for a visit but Jim called this morning to say his mom has the flu so needless to say we didn’t go. It is too bad as his mom is here visiting from Calgary and the last thing she would want is to be sick, not a fun way to spend your first time in Arizona and we wish her a speedy recovery.

I called my mom this morning (afternoon for her) and had a chat as yesterday it was hard to talk with everyone there. She enjoyed her Christmas and is looking forward to the whole family get together at our daughter Nancy’s this Saturday. John and I miss the family get togethers and seeing everyone but we sure don’t miss the winter weather!

John started cleaning the fantastic fans yesterday and finished them today, it is nice to see them so clean again. I sat out in the sun this afternoon and read for a while then about 4 went and did laundry, so far I have been lucking out with that time for doing laundry so hope it continues.

John also cleaned out the barbecue today and couldn’t wait to start getting it greased up again so tonight he did burgers for dinner – very good.

We finally caught up with Mike & Marg tonight so had a good chat with them and wish them well with their move next week. And so ends another wonderful day, we will see what tomorrow brings.

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