Tuesday -January 29, 2008

Today was another nice sunny day but a bit on the cool side, I had my vest on until about 1 p.m. when it warmed up enough to take it off.

There was a big crowd golfing today, our group as well as others, and we were about 40 minutes late teeing off, there were 44 golfers so a good turnout. When I got there a lady came up and said how glad she was to see me back etc. and I felt terrible as I didn’t remember her at all from last year. As it turns out they are from Langley B.C. and her husband remembered John right away, guess they have far better memories that we have. Anyways, it ended up that Karen and I were partners so had a good visit but my game was absolutely awful, my last two drives and putts saved me from total embarrassment. The only saving grace was that one of the fellows on our other half of the foursome was having as bad a day as I was so I didn’t feel totally like a fool. Thanks to Karen we ended up with a 30 so not totally shabby, John and his partner didn’t have a good day either so John and I headed out shortly after we got done as we knew there would be no prizes won in this family today!

I needed some buns so we did a quick stop at Wal Mart plus stopped for propane on the way home. When we got back I got things ready for tomorrow and John got the propane tank back on, did a bit of this and that then went for a bike ride. Johnny stopped for a little visit then after she left I did some vacuuming and called my mom.

We are looking forward to our visit to the San Diego zoo tomorrow although I AM NOT looking forward to being up at 5 a.m. - I am not a morning person! We don’t expect to be back much before 11 tomorrow night so I doubt I will be doing my blog tomorrow.

And so ends another wonderful day in our life of retirement and we look forward to our day at the San Diego zoo tomorrow.

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