Saturday - February 2, 2008

Today was another gorgeous day in sunny Arizona, it was cold overnight with a low of 39F but it got up to the high 60’s this afternoon so it was very pleasant. John went for his bike ride and I went for a long walk this morning.

Today was another quiet day, this afternoon we went to Yuma Palms Mall so I could get some stamps and mail some stuff at Hallmark, then a stop at Best Buy (we kept our money in our pocket) and then on to Wal Mart. We decided that it was so nice we (John) would barbecue chicken wings for dinner so we made a stop at Wal Mart to get the wings. When we got home I did a couple of loads of wash and that was it for our day.

I talked to my mom and Nan today and am always happy after I talk to our family.

And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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