Friday, January 30, 2009

Today was another gorgeous day with a high of about 75F but it was still breezy – maybe tomorrow we will have no wind.

I did some cleaning this morning and then this afternoon we went back to the market for a bit, I had noticed some nice Capri sets yesterday and wanted to go back and check them out. I found one I really liked but it was sleeveless and with my arm that isn’t good but the lady said she is ordering more so hopefully she will get one with sleeves. I left my name & phone number and she will call me and set one aside if she gets it in.

After the market we went to Sew Masters to check out a sunscreen to put on our awning, John thinks he has figured out how to put one on so we wanted to check them out. We talked to the lady and she said they could take out the thingie most people use to put them on their awning and they could put in some grommets instead so we wanted to come home and do the measurements before buying one. While there we got talking to a couple from Port Hope, real nice people and we enjoyed chatting with them, hopefully we can get together for a drink some time. After Sew Masters we went to Staples to do some photocopying, Steve had lent John an article on solar systems so John wanted to copy it and figured it was easier to go there and do it than to drag out the printer and get it set up.

Just after we got home Steve & Brenda stopped by for a drink, Steve had worked today so had just got home, he was driving cars for one of the local dealerships down to San Luis for a show and is hoping they will need him to drive them back on Monday. He has his name in with a local agency so is picking up odd jobs here and there, tomorrow he is helping set up and tear down for a chocolate show.

Tonight will be the usual, TV or reading. Today was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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