Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today was another nice sunny day with a high of 73F but it was still windy.

This afternoon we decided to go to the market as there were a couple of things we wanted to get – Margie, I finally got your wipes for you. I also picked up some Avon night cream and some foot cream as I don’t have enough to last me until we get home. From there we went to Fry’s and picked up a few groceries (no Wal Mart today, Kel), then back home.

After I got the groceries put away I went outside to read but we ended up visiting with John and Irma instead, so by the time we finished chatting with them it was time to come in – too cool to sit outside.

Tonight is TV and reading – the news on TV and the big payouts to Wall Street executives is too depressing to watch, my book doesn’t p----- me off so much!

It was another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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