Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today was a repeat of yesterday weather wise – it was sunny but there was a cool north wind and the high again today was 62F. Oh well, it is still better than at home and a warming trend is starting tomorrow so life is good.

Today we decided to try the Brown Bag Hamburger for lunch, we had heard it was good so decided to give it a try – it was excellent but oh so filling! They have 7, 10, 14 and 20 oz. burgers – can you imagine eating a 20 oz. burger? You can split any of the 10 to 20 oz. burgers so we split a 10 oz. and it was huge, can’t imagine trying to eat one on my own. It came with French fries and a drink and for the 2 of us it cost $13, not bad for what we got.

After hanging up the feedbag we headed for Welton which is a town about 30 miles east of here, we thought we would check out the RV Parks there after talking to our ex neighbours at Wal Mart yesterday. We decided to head over through Castle Dome Valley as we have never been through there. We took Hwy. 95, the road to Quartzsite, north and our first stop was at the McPhaul “Swinging Bridge to Nowhere”.

This is the description from the Yuma Points of Interest Web Page: “Once bridging the great Gila River, this oddity now spans only shifting sands of the desert. An engineering feat, completed in 1929. The Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco Bay follows this style. Given the name Dome Bridge, it was later renamed honoring an old timer, Harry McPhaul, who came to Arizona in 1897. He was a guard at the Yuma Territorial Prison, later a city police officer, then went into mining. It was because of his mining properties in the vicinity, the bridge bears his name.”

From there we headed north for about 5 miles then picked up the road east through Castle Dome Valley, what an interesting drive - it was miles and miles of veggie crops which we had no idea were out there; we also passed a large feed lot and a flock of grazing sheep and all of this was surrounded by mountains so it was a nice drive.

A picture of Castle Dome Rock from the Valley

The town of Welton is a pretty depressing looking place located on the north side of Interstate 8, we couldn’t find too many redeeming features about the town but there are a lot of RV parks there, most of which are pretty old and crowded looking. The one the people we met yesterday are in is the nicest park in Welton, with large spots, but location it does not have as it is located between the interstate and the railroad tracks, which are very busy! Also, the lots have a cement patio but the rest of the lot is dirt so it would be a very dusty place to stay, especially if it was windy. There was another RV park on the same road and it was totally depressing but beside it was this beautiful area of flowers which helped to brighten up an otherwise totally drab place.

On the south side of the interstate is a fairly new golf course, Coyote Wash, with a large housing development around it, and there is a small shopping mall and a large hotel, much nicer than the Welton side.

We took the interstate back to the Foothills and stopped at Desert Paradise RV Park so John could buy another airplane. This is the third one we have bought, we keep giving them away, so hopefully this one we will keep; they are made from beer cans and this one is a type of beer we have never heard of and the fellow said he had only made a couple of these so it is a bit different.

After a quick stop at Wal Mart, which was a zoo, we came home. I had put chilli in the slow cooker this morning so dinner was easy to get on the table. We are now enjoying a quiet evening of TV.

And so ends another great gift of a day in the sunny south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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