Friday, October 16, 2009

It started to rain about 11 last night and has rained most of the day – just what we wanted! At least it is reasonably warm – in the mid teens all day.

This morning we checked out the BC Liquor Stores and it appears that they have privatized some stores and the prices are astronomical at the privatized stores – wonder how in heck they will survive like that. It seems that all the privatized stores have the same prices – astronomical!! So much for privatization!

Janet called this morning to see if we had got over the mountains okay and we talked about going to Torfino with them and staying in motel or B & B for a couple of days. Steve had mentioned to John that they had gone there a couple of weeks ago when they had company from Hagersville so I told Janet we will check with him next to see where they stayed when they went.

This morning we just took our time and didn’t rush and we had just finished lunch when Jim stopped in for a bit. We had a nice visit with him, then when he left we went into Agassiz to get a few groceries and find a provincial run liquor store. The grocery store left me shaking my head at the prices, thank goodness I didn’t need a lot of stuff, and we got some beer at the liquor store and a bottle of California wine for a reasonable price.

We stopped on the way back for diesel – the price was $0.919/litre, which in B.C. is a good price. I was talking to the gal on cash when I was waiting to pay and it turns out she is originally from Sarnia, ON – small world as that is where we are originally from!

No pictures today, it was so cloudy and the clouds were so low it wasn’t a pretty day for taking pictures!

By the time we got back it was late afternoon – where, oh where, do the days go.

I am keeping one eye on Law & Order while doing this and when that is over I will pick up my book for a whie. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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