Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today was overcast all day and about the same temperature, so not a really nice day.

We decided to go to Kelowna, it was a nice trip but if I lived in this area it would drive me crazy to have to drive the same highway any time I wanted to go someplace! With the river, lakes and rocks there is only one route between Osoyoos and points north and that is Highway 97 so it would get really boring after a while, and, it is also a very busy highway. Kelowna is a fairly large city and the waterfront area is pretty, I would hate to imagine what it would cost to buy a condo there!

Neat Rock Formation

Looking Towards Kelowna

Sculpture in Kelowna

We had picked up a real estate book the other day and I have never seen so many properties over $1M listed at one time. I would say the average price for a house is around $500,000, we certainly couldn’t afford to live in this province! When I was talking to Steve yesterday and he said the average LOT price in White Rock is $500,000 so we don’t know how people, especially young couples, can afford to buy a house. As Steve said they would be up to their ying, yang in debt all their lives!

Highway 97C goes west from Highway 97, just south of Kelowna, to Highway 5 and there was a large overhead sign on 97 today advising that 97C was slushy and snow covered in spots – not my idea of a good drive! We will take Highway 3 across as it only has one pass and that one isn’t as high as the ones on 97C. We are hoping that Thursday will be an okay day to do the drive.

We found a Super Wal Mart at Westbank so stopped to pick up a few staples, which were much cheaper than at the local grocery store. We stopped at Okanagan Falls to get something for dinner and they had brook trout on sale for $4.97/lb so guess what tonight’s dinner will be.

It hasn’t started to rain yet but the mountains around us are beginning to get shrouded in clouds so I am sure the rain isn’t far off.

Tomorrow I have to try to find some place to get my hair cut, as my mother would have said I am starting to look like a shaggy dog – LOL!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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