Saturday, October 17, 2009

Okay, enough already – 48 hours of rain is getting a little boring!! At least it isn’t freezing cold so that is about the only good part of the weather for the last two days.

We went over to Jim & Linda’s about 11 this morning and had a lovely lunch and great visit with them. They have a beautiful home here in Harrison Hot Springs, it is a bungalow with a loft and just a really nice size with the great room, kitchen and dining area all being open.

Jim and Linda have a boat that they bought last year and it is still in the water but the lake is really low because of the lack of rain during the summer (they are certainly making up for it now though!!!) and Jim said he has to get it out as the blades of the engine are buried in the mud – not good! Linda said that had the water not been so low they would have taken us out for a ride on the lake which would have been nice, but not to be on this trip.

We left about 5, just as their daughter and grandson arrived, and came back home for a bit. It was starting to thunder and lightning, didn’t look like a good night to barbecue so we decided to drive to Agassiz and have dinner at Jack’s Steakhouse, which Jim & Linda had recommended. Dinner was very good and John was happy with his liver and onions and I had the prime rib special which was delicious.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow and can only hope that the rain stops.

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