Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - we hope you all have enjoyed your thanksgiving dinners with friends and families.

Today was the same weather wise as we’ve been having with a low overnight of -6C (22F) and a high today of about 10C (50F) so still not warm. Now the weather forecast is for rain the next few days, we don’t seem to be able to win with the weather this trip!

Our Spot at Desert Gem RV

We are just watching the news and this is the coldest October on record, with the below freezing temps during the night the vineyards are in a race to get the grapes picked within the next few days or they will lose their crop – not nice for them! It seems like it looked like they were going to have a bumper crop until this cold arctic air came and froze everything! We have certainly seen a lot of vineyards with the ground (and some vines) covered in ice so can see what they are dealing with. At least they are having a bumper crop for pumpkins here!!

Today we decided to drive around a bit and we ended up finding the road from Okanagan Falls along the east shore of Lake Skaha, we followed that north to Namarata which is on the east shore of Lake Okanagan. Penticton sits between the two lakes and there is a river, creek, whatever, joining the two lakes and running through Penticton.

Okanagan Lake

Talk about wineries, there are so many of them around here it would be impossible to start naming them. We stopped at one winery but found the prices out of our range – the cheapest 750 ml bottle was $20 so we passed on buying a bottle for dinner – we will just have to be content with our home made wine, which is really good and much cheaper than that!

On the way home we took a road out of Okanagan Falls looking for the falls and all we did was end up on one of my most unfavourite type of roads – lots of climbing, twists, turns and sheer drop offs – I was glad when John found a place to turn around and we got back to the main highway; and we never did see the falls!

One of the downsides of this area is that there is mainly only one road to drive – Highway 97, the rest of the roads in the area don’t go anywhere so it gets pretty boring doing the same drive to and fro from wherever you go.

John is cooking a turkey breast for our Thanksgiving dinner – we will have turkey, dressing, squash and green beans – no desert.

Yesterday I started a book that takes place in Lompoc, CA, which we went through in the spring, so I am looking forward to picking it up after dinner again. I always enjoy books that take place someplace we have been as I can then visualize the area.

We heard from our friends, Steve & Cheryl, who live in White Rock so think we will spend a few days in their area, after Chilliwack, so we can visit with them before heading to the island.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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Sandra said...

When we were in that area we stayed at Peace Arch RV Park. I think it used to be a KOA. It's really close to White Rock.