Friday - December 21, 2007

Well, there are lots of happy people today, those who are through school or work for the holidays, hope you all enjoy them.

We were supposed to get high winds during the night but it was quite calm when we got up but just as I was heading for the pool the wind finally started to blow, needless to say it was quite cool at the pool if you didn’t stay well down in the water – the hot tub sure felt good after!

This afternoon I headed out to get my hair cut then wanted to go to J. C. Penney’s to get another electric blanket while they are still on sale, or so I thought. I fought lots of traffic to get to the mall, only to find out that the sale has now changed, the other day they were on for half price and today they are buy one at the regular price and get a second one for $1.00 more. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the bill for the one I bought on Monday to see if I could get today’s deal, so after looking around a bit I left empty handed and headed for Sears to see if they were on sale there. Now, to make a left turn to get to the road out of the mall I would have either have had to take my life in my hands or wait for hours, so I decided to go right and take the long way, a good move as the traffic wasn’t too bad once I got out of the mall. Needless to say I was really muttering under my breath at Penney’s as on Monday it said the sale was on till the 22nd so that was why I even bothered to go today. The blanket we bought really works good so we wanted to get another one to take home for our new park model.

Sears had the blankets on for half price so I was happy again and after buying one I wandered around the store for a bit then headed across the road to Beall’s outlet. I found a pair of capris and a top at Beall’s so again was happy and ready to head home. I took a different way home, figured it would be faster as long as it didn’t end up in a dead end in the Marine Air Force Base, but I lucked out and it went where I thought it would.

Today I was having trouble with my computer, it was really slow and driving me crazy so John said he would look at it while I was out. When I got back he said the problem was that I didn’t have enough memory (boy, me and my computer have the same problem!) so he put his memory card in my computer and it worked fine, turns out that installing the new Leopard used up most of my memory. John had gone on the internet and found Best Buy had 1G of memory for $29, regularly $104 so he ordered two and was waiting for me to come home so he could go to Best Buy and pick them up. Now my computer is working great and I am a happy camper. Now, I just wish there was an easy fix for my own memory.

Well, I have a good book waiting so will get this posted and then read for a bit. The wind seems to have died down again so tomorrow should be a nice day.

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