Friday - January 4, 2008

Today was a partly sunny day but was in the high 60’s so very pleasant. I didn’t sleep very good last night, was up for about 2-1/2 hours during the night so of course I didn’t want to wake up this morning and when I did I felt groggy and kinda grouchy. I didn’t make it to pool aerobics so was ticked off with myself the rest of the morning, I really hate the nights I have trouble sleeping as the next day just isn’t as great as it should be.

I did some cleaning this morning while John was out for his bike ride as it is much easier to do when I am by myself. This afternoon John went to get his hair cut then came back for me and we went out for a bit. We went down into Old Yuma to get fuel and there was a huge lineup so John was all set to leave but I suggested that as we were already there we might as well wait, it ended up that we waited less than 5 minutes. The price of fuel has really spiked here, most places it is between $3.30-3.39/gal. but this one station is always cheaper and today it was $3.19. On the way back we stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things I forgot yesterday – I had forgotten to take my list so there were a couple of things I needed that I didn’t remember but basically did pretty good without the list.

Tonight I am dead tired so am going to head for bed and will post this in the morning. Hopefully, I will sleep well tonight!

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