Monday -December 31, 2007

We’re beginning to think we are in Texas rather than Arizona, the wind was brutal all day today; the sun was warm but the wind was out of the north so quite cool and boy did it blow! I went over about 4:30 to do laundry and when I came out the wind had died down and it was really nice – now this is more like it!

Today was a non event – I did a major cleaning job as Molly just hasn’t turned up, sure don’t know where that lady is when I want her but she seems to be in hiding!! I wussed out of water aerobics this morning as even though the temperature wasn’t too bad the wind sure made it feel a lot colder – maybe Wednesday!

We had a nice dinner and are now watching them ring in the New Year in other parts of the U.S and Canada.

Happy New Year to all and we wish everyone health and happiness in 2008 and for those of you who are RV’ers we wish you all safe travels, exciting adventures and wonderful new vistas.

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