Wednesday - January 2, 2008

Today was a gorgeous day, I went to pool aerobics which I enjoy, and always feel much better after doing. By the time I got back and showered etc. it was lunch time so we had some lunch then I went out and sat in the sun with my book for the afternoon, that is a first in a long time.

The weather forecast isn’t great for the next few days – they are even calling for RAIN on the weekend – sure do hope they are wrong. Dave and Janet want to golf on Sunday so I will book at T-time tomorrow morning in the hopes that the weatherman is all wet –LOL!

I think Dave & John are going to the Gun Show on either Friday or Saturday so hopefully we girls will have a shopping day, not that there is anything I really need but it is always fun to go shopping with a friend. I do need a pedicure again so that might be another choice for us to do, but again we can always do two days – one a pedi and one shopping!!

Enough rambling, I am going to give it up for today and look forward to what tomorrow might bring.

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