Monday -January 14, 2008

Today was a quiet day, nothing exciting. It was nice and sunny but very windy so I didn’t get to sit outside as I would have been blown away.

This morning was cleaning and then about 4:30 I went to do laundry, it was quiet when I got there but by the time I was finished it was a zoo, there were a couple of people in a tiff over who got the next drier!! Guess it will be like this for the next couple of months, oh joy.

Tonight after dinner John and I got reminiscing about life, our children, our jobs, etc. so it was a fun evening. I think it started by me saying that on Saturday coming back from Quartzsite Janet had been reminiscing about our childhood and saying how she loved the house I grew up in and will always remember the Friday nights we spent there playing board and card games and bugging my brother and his friends! Janet and I have been friends for over 55 years so lots of memories there and we often talk about old friends and things we did. All friends are important but ones you have grown up with and known all your life are especially precious. Okay, so much for this, time to go to bed.

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