Saturday - January 12, 2008

Today was another gorgeous, sunny day with a bit of a breeze, perfect weather for an outing.

We picked Janet and Dave up about 10 and headed up to Quartzsite, it is about a 1-1/2 hour drive through the desert, with a beautiful mountain ridge in the east all the way up. One of the mountains has a large dome on the top and you can see the dome for miles, from the park here it is probably at least 40 miles away but can always be seen – very pretty. There were thousands of trailers in the desert and that number will double or triple next weekend with the show.

Quartzsite has all the usual booths open and the tent is up as the big RV show starts on Friday, then the place will be a zoo. It was busy but we weren’t tripping over people and it was the usual vendors – beads, jewelry, rocks, t-shirts, hardware and on and on. I bought a t-shirt at one of the stalls, the same shirts are sold here at the market for the same price but there was no tax today so a bit of a savings. One store had 4 books for $5 so I got 4 books and I got a pair of earrings. I have lost 2 earrings in the last few months, both of which were Zuni with the different stones, so bought another pair today to replace them. Janet and I have a friend who has a little shop on Vancouver Island and she had given Janet some money to buy her some rings to sell so Janet picked up a few today and has also gotten some for her in Mexico. I liked the Mexico ones better, but they were more expensive.

After about 3 hours of browsing Janet and I met up with the guys and we headed out. On the way out we found another area that had never had booths set up before and now there are tons of them and then there is another whole street of vendors that we didn’t get to. It would take days if you wanted to do it all, somehow I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that!!

On the drive home the mountains were beautiful with the way the sun was hitting them so a pretty drive. We went back to Janet & Dave’s for dinner, she had put veggies and a turkey breast in the crock pot before she left so it was an easy dinner when we got back. There was a gorgeous sunset tonight so John and Dave went out and took pictures, lots of pictures.

And so ends another wonderful day in our life of retirement.

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