Tuesday -January 15, 2008

Today was a perfect day – warm, sunny and just a light breeze, great golfing weather.

There were 40 people out for golf today, the biggest turn out yet this season. John and I lucked out as I drew a 5 and he had an 8 so we weren’t too far from each other when playing, it is a real pain when one of us draws an ace and is the first team off and the other draws a 9 or 10 so is one of the last ones to tee off, a lot of waiting when that happens. We both had a good day, some good shots and some bad ones, but a good time was had by all and that is what counts. They have a hole in one pot, it costs $1 to join and that is all you pay until someone gets a hole in one then the pot would have to be replenished. We paid a buck each the first time we played last year, figured that if you aren’t in you won’t win! Today Jim, the fellow who organizes the scramble, mentioned the hole in one deal and said if anyone hadn’t paid and wanted to he would be glad to take their money and add them to the list. Be danged if a lady didn’t get a hole in one today and hadn’t paid her $1 so she missed out on a pot of about $60, guess I would be kicking my butt if it had been me!

We got home about 4:30, after a quick stop at Fry’s and Wal Mart, and I sat out for about ½ hour then the sun was past the patio and it got kind of cool so I headed in. We are having trouble with the internet tonight so if it isn’t working in the morning we will give Time Warner a call, meanwhile I hope I can get this posted using the park internet, it will be slow but if I can get it done I don’t care.

And so ends another wonderful day of retirement and we have a full day planned for tomorrow.

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