Sunday - January 13, 2008

Today was another warm sunny day but it was quite windy, fortunately the wind was out of the north west so it wasn’t a cold one.

I had booked a T-time for Janet, Dave and us but Janet and Dave backed out because of the wind. John and I went and it wasn’t at all bad, we have certainly golfed in stronger winds than today and as long as the dust isn’t blowing on us it’s no big deal. The course was quite busy so it was a bit of a slow game but I think it will be like that now until early March when the snowbirds start heading north, so we either live with it or stop golfing.

We met Janet & Dave at Mr. Liu’s Chinese buffet for dinner, it was good but we are not really big on the buffets so once a season down here is enough for us. Mr. Liu’s is right beside a Wal Mart so we made a quick stop before heading home as John needed some socks.

And so ends another wonderful day in our life of retirement and so far there are no plans for tomorrow so it will probably be a quiet day.

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