Thursday - January 17, 2008

Wow, what a windy night it was last night – I kept hearing things rattling and the wind blowing most of the night but by early this morning it had settled down. Even though the wind wasn’t bad today the temperature didn’t get above 60F, so it was a fairly chilly day.

We got to Janet & Dave’s about 12:30, as planned, to go to Costco at El Centro California. Janet & Dave had been there a couple of weeks ago and Janet had bought new glasses so had to go pick them up. John and I let our Costco membership expire a few years ago so today we enjoyed wandering around one for the first time in a long time. I picked up a couple of things – Aveeno Cream was a good deal, but with not a lot of storage in a RV Costco isn’t the place to shop!! After that we stopped at a mall with a Staples as Dave wanted to check there for something so Janet and I went into K-Mart and I found the cooler bag I have been looking for, so I was happy. Janet got a couple of things so it was another successful stop, then we stopped at a new mall as the guys wanted to check out Best Buy. That was the end of our shopping expedition, it was straight home from there and was almost 7 when we got back to their place and John and I headed for home.

The drive to El Centro is through an area of sand dunes, very boring scenery but the ATVers love it and there were quite a few RV’s dry camping out in the desert. Janet and I were saying that with yesterdays wind it must have been a horror show out in the desert, the RV’s would be full of sand and dirt – not my cup of tea. Closer to El Centro are the vegetable fields and it looks a little more civilized.

When we got back I made a quick supper of linguine, sauce and shrimp and it is now time for a bit of TV or reading before heading for bed. I am having trouble keeping my eyes open so I don’t think it will be long before I am all snuggled nice and warm in bed. And so ends another wonderful day of retirement and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

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