Friday - March 14, 2008

Today was another beautiful, hot, sunny day and it was a very quiet day for us. John went out for a while to pick up some more insulation for the windows and I took advantage of his absence to do some cleaning.

No sooner had I finished the cleaning than the wind came up quite strong and guess what – everything feels gritty again – YCK!! I read for a while and was just getting ready to head for the pool when John arrived back home, he wasn’t interested in a swim so I went by myself and got cooled off. When I was ready to head back I checked the laundry room and there was only one lady doing laundry – yahoo, rush home and get the laundry gathered up and over there while it is quiet! It turned out I had the place to myself, I sat outside reading while the laundry was doing and John turned up just as it was done to help with the folding.

I took salmon out of the freezer this morning as it wasn’t windy so John thought it would be easy to barbecue it, but then this afternoon it looked like we would have to cook it inside but fortunately the wind died down enough that he could barbecue if after all, the barbecue only blew out 3 times while he was cooking the salmon.

Now that we have had a good dinner it is time for a quiet evening of TV and reading; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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