Saturday - March 8, 2008

Today was another beautiful sunny, warm day – sure can’t say the same for Ontario where they again got hammered with snow and wind. I guess some day it will stop snowing there and spring will arrive and I am sure everyone there can hardly wait for that to happen. Tonight daylight saving time starts but Arizona doesn’t do daylight saving time so we will be three hours behind Ontario, what a pain when it comes to calling home.

There is a swap meet here every Thursday to Sunday so we decided to check it out today – what a waste of time that was, it was pretty well all junk and the vendors were pretty well all Hispanic as well as a lot of the people there. They sure don’t present any sort of competition to the market! I bought some asparagus and that was the extent of my spending.

When we got back I picked up my book and sat out enjoying the warmth for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to go for a swim but got so into my book that I never did make it over for a swim!

John did the truck today so we are now all nice and sparkly again, hopefully we won’t get a huge wind to get everything dusty again! And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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