Monday -March 10, 2008

Today was another perfect day for weather here in Yuma; sure do love it!

Earlier today Mike next door was out playing a musical instrument so John went over to talk to him. We often hear him sitting out playing and weren’t sure what instrument it was but it turns out he makes flutes and that is what he has been playing. I went over and he showed us a couple he has made, they are absolutely beautiful and it is nice to listen to him play. He is a native Indian and apparently he played in a band for a number of years and still plays in bands a bit, he showed us a picture taken last year when he was playing in Phoenix and he was dressed in a beautiful native costume. He also plays harmonica among other musical instruments – a very talented man. He said he is losing the nerves in his hands from Agent Orange during Vietnam so making the flutes is not only something he likes to do but is therapy for his hands as he does a lot of hand sanding on them.

Last night we realized Dave had left his hat here so we returned it to him as we were going to run out and do a few things today anyways. After we dropped his hat off, and said goodbye again, we went to get fuel – wow, it was $3.609 a gallon at the cheapest place in Yuma but I guess this is still cheaper than Canada and one saving grace is that it has been about a month since we last had to get fuel. After filling up we went to the mall and I wandered around Target for a bit (didn’t spend any money though) then we stopped at Wal Mart and picked up a few items.

When we got back I went for a swim and John went for his bike ride. By then it was time to think about dinner, left overs, and now we are looking forward to a quiet evening; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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