Thursday - March 13, 2008

Today started out cloudy but by about 10 it had cleared off and was another beautiful day. I sat out and read for a while this afternoon and it was nice under the awning as there was a lovely breeze.

We left about 2 this afternoon and went to the market, I picked up a few books so I have something to read on the way home and John got some foil to put in the trailer windows this summer when it is sitting in storage.

A couple we had met briefly our first winter here, and have gotten to know on the two trips to Mexico we have gone on, had invited us over for a drink this afternoon. Two years ago they bought a park model trailer in a park near where we were the first two years here, it is an older park and the lots are huge. They have a nice park model with a huge Arizona room and porch and this year Don put in a cement driveway with a roof over it and awnings on the side, and it was a perfect cool place to sit and visit. At the back they have two very large storage sheds and the whole back is done in interlocking brick and they have a really nice area with a large table with a propane heater in the middle and four very comfortable looking chairs, Gail said they spend a lot of evenings out there. While we were there their neighbours arrived, they are from Cold Lake Alberta the same as Gail and Don and just bought the place next door this year, they aren’t retired yet so have flown in for a three week holiday. We have invited the four of them to come over to our place for drinks and a visit on Monday afternoon as Gail flies home on Thursday. Don is retired military and comes down at the end of October till early April, Gail is still working (a nurse) so comes down for a couple of months each winter. She enjoys her job so isn’t ready to retire yet, she says maybe a couple more years.

When we left Gail & Don’s we went to a pizza place in the Foothills Plaza where we know the pizza is good, a yummy dinner.

Tonight is another quiet evening of reading and TV; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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