Monday -April 14, 2008

Today was a repeat of yesterday’s weather, sure do like it and after hearing from friends who are on their way home and encountering cold, wet weather we are enjoying every bit of this warmth and sunshine.

Today we went to Wildseed Farms and the gardens and flowers were absolutely gorgeous, I will let the pictures tell the story.!

Entrance to Wildseed Farms

We toured the butterfly house and there were hundreds of beautiful butterflies, trying to get a picture of them was very hard as just as they would get in focus they would fly away.

It was a gorgeous place to spend a few hours and there weren’t a lot of people there today like I suspect there was on the weekend.

We decided to take the back way back home and went through Albert and Blanco and can you believe it the Town of Albert is for sale, wonder if whoever owns it thinks someone can make it into another Luckenbach!

I am going to get this posted now then will have to get busy and get supper going. We have nothing planned for tonight other than TV (that is if there is anything worth watching) or else a good book. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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Colin, Margaret ,Splash & Mexi Werner said...

Great pictures today......and you are so right.....suck up that sunshine while you can. today was the first day since we picked up the truck that it wasn't raining or sleeting out. We actually had a bit of sun but it has been slow to get warm.

Safe trip home, tomorrow should see us in Green Acre, Waterloo.