Thursday - April 17

Okay, enough is enough, this wind is going to drive us crazy – how can anybody live with this most of the time!! Today was mainly overcast and still warm but the wind hasn’t let up, can we hope that it will tomorrow?

I took this picture of people walking along the pier today, bet they were getting wet from the waves!

Today we decided we would visit the Battleship Texas which is the last of the battleships designed after the British Dreadnoughts, this is something that John wanted to do and I don’t mind as I have enjoyed the other battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines that we have toured. Finding the battleship and San Jacinto (pronounced Yacinto) Monument was a real challenge, even Alice (our GPS) had a problem finding it, but we did eventually find our way there. This is a bridge we had to cross

San Jacinto Momument

It was an interesting tour, the Texas is not as big as the USS Alabama but is still a good sized ship and it is hard to believe that 1800+ people called this ship home – I think it would be awfully close and cozy to have been stationed on this ship, and just as a matter of interest part of the crew was a compliment of 80 Marines. There was a band on board ship that played every day at lunch as well as numerous other times and one of the crew’s main recreational activities was dancing when the band was playing at lunchtime! The Texas was operational from the 20’s until after the second world war but was decommissioned in 1945.

The Texas


The Bakery

The Marines Sleeping Area

The Laundry

The Tailor Shop

The Post Office

We saw lots of huge refineries today on our drive to San Jacinto Bay and in the bay itself there were lots of tugs and barges activity.

We got home about 6 so had a bit of a late dinner, I want to get this posed and then I think it will be bedtime. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

So much for getting this posted last night, I couldn't download any pictures last night so finally gave up and did them this morning!

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