Sunday -April 13, 2008

Today was another beautiful day with the temperatures reaching a high of about 22C (74F), just a perfect day by my reckoning. Last night the low was about 5C (40F) again that is, in my humble opinion, great sleeping temperatures. We had the window open and the electric blanket on to keep us warm, what more could we ask for!! The inside temperature when we woke up this morning was about 10C (50F) so the furnace got turned on and we were toasty warm in no time.

Today we decided to do a scenic route that was in one of the local travel brochures and was it pretty! It was a loop road from Willow City (they call anything a city down here as the population is probably 100 if they are lucky) and was 13 miles until it came out on Hwy. 16. It reminded us of the 40 Hills Road that runs north from Lions Head (in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario) which is very twisty, turney and narrow, the only thing this road had today to better it was that it was paved – but no shoulders!! We came across “Watch for Water” signs and after the sign there were High Water Gauges,

we saw some Long Horned Cattle

and there was lots of wildlife along the road – a very scenic drive. There are also some really neat ranch signs in this part of the country.

We saw one long line of Bluebonnets but there was only one place to pull over and take a picture and unfortunately that spot was taken so we didn’t get a picture.

There were also a lot of motorcycles taking advantage of this gorgeous day and pretty drive.

We visited the town of Llano and the Courthouse there was beautiful

and it is a very patriotic town – there were statues for the Civil War, the two World Wars a Korean and Viet Nam War Wall and they are working on a Gulf War Memorial, guess the war in Iraq will come at a later date.

From Llano we drove west to Burnett and along the way we came across a pull off with all kinds of people looking off into a field so we stopped to see what they were looking at and lo and behold there was a huge Eagle’s nest in a tree. We know these nests can weigh over 400 lb and I imagine from the looks of this one it was at least that heavy. Unfortunately the Eagle wasn’t in residence so we didn’t get to see it but I did see it flying off in the distance.

The whole trip today the price of diesel was anywhere from $3.999 to $4.009/gallon but I had remembered that last week the price of diesel at Wal Mart in Marble Falls was $3.849 and sure enough we lucked out and it was still that price so we fed our hungry Dodge!

I don’t know if I will get this posted tonight, I am really tired and still have to do my pictures so the posting might just have to wait until tomorrow. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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