Wednesday - April 16, 2008

This morning was cloudy and windy when we got up, the cloudy I didn’t mind for driving but I am really getting tired of this wind!!!

We left the park about 10 a.m. ( we are not early get on the road types) and by the time we got to Austin the sun was starting to peek out; the traffic to Austin was quite heavy but once we cleared there it was really good driving all the way to Galveston.

Around Lake Jackson we passed a lot of refineries, it made Sarnia’s Chemical Valley look like small potatoes. We had to cross this bridge,

as soon as we saw it we remembered it from last year – hard to forget!! We drove the spit of land between Crystal Beach and Galveston, we finally saw Galveston Bay and there were lots of beautiful beach houses - all built on stilts with beautiful flower beds, and an oil rig out in the bay. We had to cross a bridge with a $2 toll, that was fun as the lanes were really narrow!!

We got to Galveston about 3:30 and went into the state park; well how things change. There were only two sites available for 4 nights and they were both beside a washroom and there was an extra $5/night because they were an ocean side site, somehow a site beside a washroom doesn’t seem like it should be an extra $5/night to me and I don’t care whether or not it is right on the ocean!! The woman said it would be $31/night and the wifi was iffy – right $31/night with only water and hydro and iffy wifi!! We had just passed a new park that had looked pretty swish so I called it and the fellow listed all their amenities and as to price it would be $38.50/night with the Good Sam discount. I thanked him for the info and as I was about to hang up he said maybe he could do a bit better as it was between seasons, his bit better was $30/night! So here we are at Jamaican Beach RV Park with paved roads, a paved long pull through site, full hookups, cable TV, free wifi and a free breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays for $30/night – gotta love it.

Right after we pulled into Jamaica RV another Airstream pulled in behind us, we got talking to them in the office and they bought their 25’ Safari from Can-Am (John Hoekstra sold it to them so they must have a sense of humour!) - they are from Newmarket and know John Wylie – a small world!!!

We are now set up, have had dinner, have the 70 channel cable TV working and are ready for a quiet evening before heading for bed.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

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