Monday - December 15, 2008

Today again started out cloudy and very cool but this afternoon the sun came out and we had a high of about 64F (17C). It clouded over again late in the afternoon and the forecast is for a couple of cloudy, rainy days.

John went for his bike ride today and was again having problems with his brakes grabbing while he was riding so came back and tried to figure out what the problem was. In the fall before we left Kincardine he took the bike in to have a cleaning, tune up done on it and they didn’t put the back wheel on properly – long story short it was something John didn’t have the tools to fix as a couple of parts had broken. We took it to Johnny Yuma’s bike shop this afternoon and they said it should be ready late tomorrow so hopefully it will be and it doesn’t sound like it will be too expensive to fix – thank goodness.

I was going to go out and find some place to get my hair cut this morning and on the way out stopped to talk to Leslie next door for a few minutes and she said the lady two doors down is a hairdresser and does a good job so I think I will try her. She wasn’t around at all today so hopefully I will be able to catch up with her tomorrow and make arrangements for a cut.

Apparently there is a fair bit of theft going on in the park, a few people have had their bikes stolen – one a fellow from Ontario, and yesterday a golf cart was stolen – John makes sure his bike is locked up.

We didn’t do anything too exciting today but as usual enjoyed the day anyways. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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