Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last night it rained off and on all night, nothing too much but it was wet this morning. We saw a little bit of sun late this afternoon and had a high of about 62F (16C), not real warm but not too cold either.

This morning we were lazy, read our newspapers on the internet, did e-mail, etc. About noon we had a call that the wheel for John’s bike was ready so we went out to pick that up, then stopped at Hastings (a book store) and Lowe’s where I got a new entrance rug for the trailer. When we got home John offered to put in the new rug and take out the old but I want to wait until all this nasty rain is over – lol!!

The lady two doors down who is a hairdresser appeared to be home when we got back so I went down and got an appointment to get my hair cut on Thursday morning – sure does need it so hopefully she will do a good job. Just as I came back Steve stopped for a chat – turns out they spent the summer in Utah so we had a good chat about the canyons and beautiful scenery there. Then Gary & Leslie next door came over for a chat; while we were talking to them there was a real pretty rainbow – something you don’t see here very often.

John got his bike put back together and went for a quick ride, quick in that it looked like it was going to rain plus the bike seat was wet and he didn’t find it really comfortable riding with a wet butt!!!

This morning John was working on his pictures and gave me a few he took at Zion plus one of our trailer with the Christmas lights in the front window so I will post them – just call it a mish mash!

Pictures from Zion Canyon

These were some deer we saw at Zion

Our Christmas Lights

Tonight is a quiet evening of reading or TV; and so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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