Wednesday - December 17, 2008

Well, there isn’t much to say for today. It was rainy and COLD all day so I hunkered down and didn’t do a lot. I had an e-mail from my brother today re the severe storm warnings for pretty well all of Ontario in the next few days, again sure am glad we aren’t there!

John went out and got one of our propane tanks, which went dry last night, recertified and refilled and that was his excitement for the day. As I say, not much to write about today but it was another great gift of a day even though the weather was crappy.


Kelly Cochrane said...

Mom, I'm confused because I thought it NEVER rained there? Or was that somewhere else that you were that it never rained?

Mike said...

I heard they got alot of snow in some parts of Arizona as well as snow in Vegas!!