Sunday - December 14, 2008

This morning was cloudy but by noon the sun had come out although the temperature never got much above 60F, oh well that is still better than it is at home.

This afternoon we went to see Quantum of Solace, lots of action in this movie. It was $4 each for the movie and a bucket of popcorn was $5 with free refills (which we didn’t get – splitting a bucket was more than enough!), sure beats Ontario prices!! After the movie we drove around old Yuma and I was going to take a couple of pictures, but alas my battery was dead – darn.

After the movie we stopped at Fry’s and Mervin’s on the way home. Mervin’s is closing in 7 days but I didn’t see a lot og great bargains.

We saw a Winnebago motor home today which reminded us of Bob & Denise who were beside us the fall of 2006 in Waterloo and then for a week or so were in the same park as us during the winter here in Yuma. They moved to New Brunswick in the fall of 2007 and we have often wondered how they are enjoying winters in New Brunswick, somehow I don’t think they are as warm as Yuma!!

That is about it for today, nothing too exciting. And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to tomorrow.

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