Friday - February 15, 2008

Today was sunny and a bit warmer than yesterday but there was still a cool wind, oh well the weekend is supposed to be nice.

I talked to my mom this morning and was really happy to hear that she is out of quarantine and got her hair done this morning, she still sounded froggy but was chippier than she has been in the last week so that was good.

Today was another quiet day, seems to me like we have had a lot of those lately, but what can I say. This afternoon we went to the market and I got a few more books so have more reading to do and I picked up a couple of other things I wanted to get so I am pretty well done with the market for this year other than we want to get some insulation covering for the windows for the summer but that can wait until towards the end of our time here.

When we came back I went over and did laundry, another job done for a week or so. Today was windy so we decided to use up the left over spagetti sauce for dinner so that John didn’t have to contend with the barbecue in the wind, good choice and dinner was yummy, I always think of spagetti as my comfort food.

John saw today that you can download movies through I-Tunes so we bought another I-Tunes card and he downloaded 3:10 to Yuma so it will be interesting to see how it works out, we have 30 days in which to watch it but once you start to watch it you have 24 hours before it is deleted off your computer – interesting concept.

And so ends another day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

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