Monday -February 11, 2008

Today was another gorgeous day, sunny and in the 80’s, I talked to my sister-in-law tonight and had an e-mail from our son and both said it was -25C in Kitchener – guess where I am glad not to be!!!

We had a really great visit with Jim and Linda, they arrived about 11:30 and left around 6 so lots of chin wagging going on. They are staying in Desert Hot Springs California and have booked for 4 months next winter so we said we would go visit them next year. We went for a walk around the park shortly before they left but other than that spent the time chatting. When they left John went for his bike ride so he could get one in before dark.

I called my mom tonight and she sounds terrible and her cataract surgery scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled so we hope she is feeling better soon, she was feeling so miserable she didn’t even feel like talking but my sister-in-law had just come in for a visit so I talked to her for a bit instead. She will let me know when they reschedule the surgery but there is no point in doing that until mom is feeling better.

And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we look forward to tomorrow.

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Colin, Margaret ,Splash & Mexi Werner said...

Hi Carolyn:

WE are leaving Fulton at the end of this month and then spending the month of March down in the rio Grand Valley in Mercedes. We plan on buying a new truck and heading home at the beginning of April. We will be going right up to Elliot Lake to check out cottage properties and then finally back down to Fergus. Hopefully they will have gotten rid of that nasty snow by then.....just hearing about it is enough for me!

Talk soon...Margaret