Sunday -February 10, 2008

Wow, the weather continues being great, today it was in the 80’s and sunny all day. This morning I did a major cleaning and John cleaned the windows so now we can see out again – LOL!

We are having company tomorrow so I thought I would do some deviled eggs and wouldn’t you know it that it was that time when the eggs didn’t want to peel nicely, hopefully by the time I get them filled tomorrow they won’t notice all the gouges out of them!! It’s funny how some times they peel easily and other times they are a royal pain to do.

I called my mom today, she is in quarantine because of her cold so I don’t know if she will be able to have her cataract surgery on Tuesday. She is not happy about being in quarantine (I don’t blame her) but on the other hand I can understand that they don’t want her cold spreading to the other residents. My sister was visiting when I called so I had a good chat with her also, she said she was told that she could visit but had to wear a gown, mask and gloves and couldn’t stay long – here’s hoping mom’s cold will clear up soon!

This afternoon we had a t-time for 4:10 and Jim & Sonia joined us for the game. We had a good time and my game was a bit better than it has been but still has a good ways to go before I will be happy with it. John didn’t have a great day today either but as long as we are having fun and getting some exercise I guess that is something! We decided to pick up a pizza on the way home for dinner, what a zoo the pizza place was so we were glad we had decided to bring it home and not eat there, we had a coupon for a large pizza and a litre of pepsi for $12.99 – a good deal. When we got home we warmed up the pizza and enjoyed it and there is still enough left for lunch some day this week.

We have a hummingbird feeder and every time I look it is covered in bees, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of the bees I would really appreciate it – yesterday there was a hummingbird hovering at it but then it flew away so I don’t know if the bees turn them off or not.

Tonight is a quiet evening of TV and reading – and so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another wonderful day tomorrow.

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Margaret said...

When eggs are really fresh they don't peel worth a you must have had fresh eggs and not stale ones. I have no idea where I learned that from??