Saturday - February 16, 2008

Today was a gorgeous sunny warm day – perfect weather! This morning I did some cleaning seeing how Molly is not appearing to do it – oh well, our house on wheels is much smaller than our sticks and stones houses were so it doesn’t take nearly as long to clean.

This afternoon we went over to Janet & Dave’s and had a very good steak dinner with all the trimmings. After dinner Janet & and I took Hey Yu for a walk then we all went down to the rec centre for the Red & Bernie show. Red & Bernie are a husband and wife team and they sing and do comedy, they were very entertaining and we really enjoyed their show. They did a bit about parking their RV and everyone was in stitches, I think anyone who has ever driven a RV could relate to their story. The show was about 2 hours so it was a good deal for $8 each. One of the things Bernie said was that a couple of years ago he had an e-mail from a woman who said “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift and that is why they call it the present”, how true. Bernie composed a song based on that and it was really good, as I say they were good entertainment and lots of laughs.

I am posting a picture of Jim and Linda which John took on Monday just as they were leaving, I e-mailed it to them and they were really pleased with the picture, want John to come and do their 40th anniversary pictures for them – LOL.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to the mystery of tomorrow.

Jim & Linda

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