Thursday - February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, hope you had a nice day, we did. The weather changed, and not for the better, overnight as predicted, I woke up about 4 a.m. to hear the wind howling so knew the forecast had been correct! I don’t think the high today got above 60F and it was overcast and windy all day, oh well we can’t have perfect weather all the time!

This morning John went and got propane and diesel fuel, usually Superfuels is really busy but he said it wasn’t too bad for fuel this morning and there was no wait for propane, what a nice surprise. The fellow doing the propane was quite impressed with the polishing job on the aluminum tank John purchased from him a few weeks ago, John told him aluminum cleaner and elbow grease produced the nice results.

Janet and I had planned another shopping day and had arranged to meet at Olive Garden for lunch first so John made sure he was home in time for me to head out. Somewhere along the line wires got crossed as Janet & Dave arrived just after me so I thought he was dropping Janet off but she said no the 4 of us were supposed to meet for lunch. Fortunately, being Valentine’s Day, it was really busy so I borrowed their phone, called John to get ready and headed back home to pick up my honey and we arrived back just as appetizers were being delivered to our table. After a really nice lunch the guys headed out to do their thing and Janet and I went to Beall’s shopping, not a great experience today as I only found a pair of capris and a couple of tops. By the time we were through there we were ready for a bit of a sit down so went across the parking lot to Starbucks for a Cappucino, and then on home. Janet & Dave didn’t stay too long as Hey Yu was home waiting for their return and a walk, can’t leave these little guys home alone for too long.

We are planning a quiet evening, a bit of TV if there is anything worth watching otherwise I have a good book I can get lost in. And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another nice (and hopefully warmer) day tomorrow.

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