Saturday - February 9, 2008

Last night we were sitting here and all of a sudden the trailer started to rock, John went out and couldn’t see anything outside to cause it, then started checking the internet and realized there had been an earthquake in Mexico, south of Calexico, and we were getting the aftershock. About 15 minutes later we shook again but not as much, it turns out there were 2 quakes, one was 5.3 on the Richter Scale and the other was 3 something – what a weird sensation!

Today was another gorgeous sunny day, sure gotta love it! This afternoon we went out grocery shopping and it was 4 when we got back so I rushed around to get everything put away then went for a swim. I had the pool to myself which was nice so swam for about half an hour, then came back and it was still nice enough to sit outside – guess the weather is really changing for the better! It is also nice that it didn’t get dark until about 6:45, gotta love that too.

Our Site in Del Pueblo Shortly After We Arrived Here

And so ends another day in our life of retirement, not an exciting day but a nice one nevertheless and we are looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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